It’s about cooking for your vegetarian family.  It’s about peanut-allergies.  It’s about cooking Jewish food.  It’s about being a working parent.  It’s about providing home-made, healthy food, that you can cook with your children.  Enjoy.




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Spinach, Tomato & Bean Soup

Winter time is soup season.  I make most soups with a tomato base, of literally chopping tomatoes and then throwing them in a food processor.  This makes a fresher soup than using canned diced tomatoes and does not take more than 10 minutes total.  I also use only the box of low-sodium broth that you can get at Whole Foods or Marianos.  You’ll just need to add a little more salt to the recipe than otherwise but it’s better than the high sodium canned broths or bouillon I think.   This is an awesome recipe because it’s a vegetarian crock-pot… READ MORE

Black bean soup

There are so many different black bean soup recipes.  I think this one is pretty simple so I wanted to share it with you.  Cheese quesadillas are a good food to serve with black bean soup, and I like to dip cheese quesadillas into the soup, similar to grilled cheese and tomato soup.     I found this recipe and adapted it from pumpsandiron.com.  I make big batches of beans so we always have large ziplock bags of black beans in our freezer.  It takes two days to make beans from scratch, so I believe when you do it, to… READ MORE

Pumpkin Pie

Finding a good pumpkin pie recipe is hard, and I’m still searching for an amazing one, but I do think this one is great. I found it on ohsheglows.com, which is an awesome vegetarian website.  I haven’t conquered my goal yet of making homemade pie crust, admittedly, so I got a basic organic one from Whole Foods.  Aside from the crust, which I imagine is hard to make (?) the pie itself is pretty easy.     The only reason I don’t make this more often is that my kids eat plain pumpkin which is so healthy plain, and there’s… READ MORE

Baked Pumpkin Oat Bars

There was a bit of a misunderstanding - Ava asked me to make oat bars, so I found this recipe at www.recipecorner.com and made these on a Saturday morning with the kids.  I figured if Ava was asking for oat bars, and she loves pumpkin, this would be perfect.   Turns out she actually meant granola bars that I’ve made before, so she didn’t actually eat these, but Brecken devoured them, and I made Ava almond butter granola, so everyone was happy.   Ava was especially happy during the cooking process, because she got to eat the remaining pumpkin. Brecken also… READ MORE

Carrot Pancakes for Halloween

There are so many colors of pancakes to make: blue with blueberries; red with beets; green with spinach; and orange with carrot, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes.  For Halloween you can go with orange, and even use a metal cookie cutter to make shapes.     I love to celebrate Halloween most of October.  There are fun festivals at the park district, a Fall Fest at the zoo, trick-or-treating on Southport, pumpkin carving with my mom, and dressing up for school.  I’m really not into the candy aspect of it, not only because Ava has a peanut allergy but also because… READ MORE

Crock Pot Lentil Soup

With my impending wisdom tooth surgery, I quickly made two soups that I basically lived on along with pudding and applesauce.  The first soup I made was Tofu Noodle Soup and then I made a lentil soup in a crock pot from a recipe I found at dearcrissy.com.  It was a very easy recipe and tastes really good.  I never think there are enough recipes to make in a crock pot that are vegetarian, so I get really excited when I find a good one.   Bryan did a really good job taking care of me and Ava was super… READ MORE

Pumpkin Banana Bread or Muffins

All banana bread is delicious.  Adding pumpkin makes it even better! I found this recipe at peas & thank you.  I like to bake with the kids of course.  I typically don’t bake with eggs, so Ava will eat the batter when we’re done, and it gets her excited for the recipe.  She also loves to bake with pumpkin because she eats plain pumpkin too.     The weather is amazing this Fall - it’s warm enough to enjoy the outside activities and festivals.  We’ve been baking fall food, that the kids are enjoying cooking wtih me, eating as we… READ MORE