It’s about cooking for your vegetarian family.  It’s about peanut-allergies.  It’s about cooking Jewish food.  It’s about being a working parent.  It’s about providing home-made, healthy food, that you can cook with your children.  Enjoy.




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Peach Apple Crisp

It was the end of summer and we had a dinner play date with Bryan’s partner.  Their daughter is one year older than Ava, and just as picky!  I wanted to bring a dessert that combined the delicious peaches from summer with the apples from the start of Fall.  The combination of the crunchy apple and sweet peach was delicious.  Both the girls loved the crisp.  I was inspired and started to make more peach crisps for Brecken and Ava to enjoy at home over the next couple of weeks.  It keeps well in the fridge for about 5 days… READ MORE

Pumpkin Cookies

It's past Labor Day, and while not officially Fall, it is for sure PUMPKIN season in this house!  This is one of Ava and my absolute favorite recipes.  They are delicious, healthy and so easy to make.  Pumpkin cookies are perfect to make for your house to have something tasty to snack on or for dessert during the week, or to share at a party.  We baked the Pumpkin Cookies for my Bubby’s 86th Birthday Party (last year).  It was fun to cook with Ava while Brecken was napping.  She always eats the rest of the pumpkin, and then helped… READ MORE

Vegan Lemon Squares

There’s a few recipes that since I’ve stopped eating eggs, I still miss.  Most of those foods tend to be Jewish recipes my family makes, such as matzo balls (but my mom made an amazing vegan version this year), noodle kugel, and potato latkes (I found a great replacement this year for that, too).  Another recipe is lemon squares.  That’s something I grew up with - we always had those at parties or as a treat.  My mom and lots of other family members make a great lemon square, but they have eggs in them.  I found this vegan version… READ MORE

Moo Shu Wraps

I used to subscribe to www.vegetariantimes.com/ and receive the magazine each month. I really enjoyed reading it and finding new recipes such as this moo shu recipe.  I think that pinterest really hurt the recipe magazine industry. I know that I go on pinterest and find a vegetarian recipe that I like, then end up browsing that particular website or blog for other recipes.  I hope that people like my blog in that way (even though I know my pictures are not nearly as fancy as those nicer blogs out there).     Bryan is not a huge fan of… READ MORE

Pineapple Zucchini Bread

You know I’ve been pretty obsessed with zucchini baking lately.  And Ava is pretty obsessed with pound cake.  She prefers the Tofu Almond pound cake  but I did get her to try a lemon one that she liked.  I sold this recipe to her as a sweet brown pound cake.  It went over okay, not great, but she tried it and ate it a few times, which is a success for us.     I had extra pineapple at the end of the week and found this recipe at www.mightymrs.com.  Since baking less vegan-style for the kids by adding eggs… READ MORE

Banana Zucchini Muffins

I’ve been cooking with zucchini all the time lately, both in baking and for dinner. I think they’re so delicious.  With Brecken at dinner he’s hit or miss - depends on his mood, how good Ava is being at dinner, or what’s served with it.  But baking with zucchini is a great option. They’re so easy to buy at the local farmer’s markets too right now.   Banana bread or muffins is a pretty easy recipe to make and there are tons of options of what to mix with it, such as zucchini, pumpkin or blueberry.  If you have some… READ MORE

Red, White & Blue Pancakes

This year was the first 4th of July spent in Chicago in a long time because we’re usually in Hilton Head.  This year we went to Hilton Head in May, and enjoyed the rest of the summer in the city.  Frankly, we rarely have left the city on the weekends, with the only exception being my Bubby’s pool. It’s been a fun summer, and we’re enjoying the beach, farmer’s market, zoo, and festivals, plus bbq’s here and at friends.     For the 4th of July, I made red, white and blue pancakes that I found at thehealthymaven.com.  I was… READ MORE